LSID Web Resolver
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LSID Web Resolver

This web based LSID resolution service allows you to view the data and metadata of an LSID with your web browser. This service will display the metadata, formatted as a standard webpage, for any LSID you enter.

Enter an LSID:    

Here are some example LSIDs for you to try:

To get LSID metadata directly (in RDF format whenever available), use the following syntax:

Here are some sample links that will return LSID metadata directly:

More information

For further information about LSIDs see the LSID resolution project site at


Browsers and applications providing the links to resolve LSID often have idiosyncrasies that can prevent proper display of the LSID metadata or a link to data. For best results, make sure that you are using the latest version of your favorite browser (Firefox, Opera, and Internet Explorer may work better than Google Chrome or Safari) and that it includes a way of viewing RSS subscriptions.

(The current version of Chrome requires that you download an extension for this).

If your browser does not display XML, you may need to ask your browser to View Source.